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By the time this goes to press most of you will have had your dryer vents cleaned out. In case, there are any lingering questions about this procedure; well, we really needed that done. The buildup of lint and other possible debris in the vents can be a source of fires. Here at River Grove many of the vents have not been cleaned out for years and it has probably not been done on a community-wide basis. Some of the vents were very clogged and many of you will notice that your dryer is now more efficient. For these reasons, the HOA Board of Directors considered this a priority. You will not be billed directly for this and the Association will pay the cost.

Additionally, dryer vents need to be cleaned at least every two years because lint build up can a fire hazard.  Each unit has two openings, one leading from the dryer, the other is outside fairly high up on the outer wall.  Initially, it was unclear as to whether there was a main vent that serviced the entire building, so in the best interest of the community, they decided to have all the inner vents (from the dryer) cleaned, at no charge to the homeowners.  Now we know, the buildings do not have a main vent, rather each unit has a vent; however the vents are at a 90 degree angle.  Both ends need to be cleaned, and in the future, the cost for the cleanings will be the responsibility of the homeowner.  As this cleaning can serve as a baseline if you have not had this cleaning done before, you can alternate cleaning each end annually or every other year. 

Thank you to the community for allowing access to your units. 

If you are one of the few residents that could not be contacted and have the work done, please call Raylyn at Paul Ash and let her know. 520 795 2100 ext.130.

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