Our Experience with HVAC Provider

Rachel (my wife) and I started having AC issues in our 690 sq ft one-bedroom unit a few months ago before it began to get really hot. It started with a squeaking sound when the motor started and when it shut down between cycles.

Just when the temperatures began to heat up in April and when we began to need it more the motor just stopped working.

I chose to give Russett Southwest a call because I had performed some subcontracting marketing work for them a number of years ago and they had recently sent an advertisement in the mail. I wanted to give them a chance since I enjoyed working on the marketing project I helped with.

Initially, I called to have a technician come in a do a brief assessment of the system. It cost $75 for the first 30 minutes. Since the system wasn't functioning at all he was here for about 20 minutes.

His assessment was that we needed to have a new system (the condenser unit up on the roof and the air handler in our unit). I can share more about this if you'd like. Just let me know.

He couldn't share information about the replacing of the system but instead had their salesperson contact me to schedule an evaluation of what we needed to replace system.

The sales person had many years of experience in the business and that was important to me. A salesperson with experience should know what the technicians face on the job. He came over to our unit a few days later and while here he shared that they had replaced another unit's system a few years ago. I thought that was important since many HVAC companies will not come to River Grove Condominiums because to the difficulty adequatley accessing the roof for installation work.

He took down information from within our unit and didn't have to go up to the roof. Over the course of about a week, he researched the type of air handler we needed in the unit and then which systems worked with the new air handler for the roof.

His estimate was about $7,000 which included the crane, coolant, air handler, the condenser unit on the roof, and labor. I accepted and he coordinated the entire operation.

Unfortunately, the day they came to install the new system we had a very windy day and it was more dangerous to get all the tools, equipment, and parts up to the roof. So we rescheduled.

Their second attempt (10 days later) included a "bucket" and the crane to lift all the tools, equipment, and the technicians to the roof. This ensured their safety.

We had some delays on installation day that took longer than it should be we were very pleased with the technicians who work to replace the system and our home has been cool as it should be with a new system.

Unfortunately, we learned from another resident recently that Russett Southwest informed them that they no longer serve River Grove Condominiums because they have a new crew that doesn't want to work our properties.

This is concerning because I felt we worked well with the company and their technicians were very knowledgeable and friendly. So, be sure that with whichever HVAC company you work with that you state your unit is at River Grove Condominiums and want to know if they serve our properties.

If you are contemplating work on your HVAC system please check out the Professionals page or Contact me.

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