Owner Responsibilities

We received a lot more rain from 2021 monsoon storms than from previous years storms. The sheer amount of water that we've had to deal with has been more than we expected and many of us "forgot" what it is like to manage significant rainfall.

As members of the River Grove Condominiums community we are responsible to each other when it come to the management of the standing water our monsoon rains produce. This primarily lies with the owners of upstairs units and their balconies.

This year we've reported many water leak issues from upstairs units and clogged balcony drains. It is the responsibility of upstairs owners to ensure the balcony drains are working properly and that NO water is left standing. 

When water stands for a short period of time without draining the downstairs units will discover leaks either inside their unit or their patios. Sometimes even both.

Please ensure your drains are working and if they are not and you cannot resolve any clogs associated with the drain or the drain pipe that goes to the ground please report is either by submitting a Help Desk ticket or calling Paul Ash Management Co at 520-795-2100.

If you have tenants in your upstairs unit, please encourage them to report standing water on your balcony immediately.

Being proactive and clearing your drains/drain pipes can save the community hundreds or even thousands of dollars on unnecessary leak repairs.

If you're a downstairs unit owner/resident please help by communicating any leaking water to your neighbor and consider submitting a Help Desk ticket or calling Paul Ash Management Co too.

Property Management Company

Paul Ash Management Co., LLC
3499 N Campbell Ave #907
Tucson, AZ 85719

Business Hours
8:00 AM—5:00 PM

Raylyn Winckler
Community Association Manager

After hours emergency

Owner Portal

If you need assistance with entering your Owner Portal please contact Paul Ash Management Company.

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