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Welcome to the River Grove Newsletter Landscape page.

Special Projects

This is a list of projects that are under consideration.

  • Path between buildings 4273 and 4275
  • Water harvesting between buildings 4279 and 4281
  • Oleander removal
  • Community garden planters and pots


Here are some things to remember for all residents to help maintain a clean and safe property.


  • Ensure overhanging trees are cut back and drains are not obstructed.
  • No items on top of balcony walls
  • Plants cannot extend above walls.


  • Plants cannot extend above walls.


  • Pick up after pets.
  • Pull weeds around your unit.
  • Sweep the sidewalk outside your unit as necessary.
  • Don't leave trash bags outside your unit.
  • Pick up trash/debris around your unit.

Seasonal Focus


  • Clean up and pruning
  • Research and planning for spring planting


  • Major tree pruning and removal (as required) in cooperation with landscape contractor
  • Protect sensitive plants


  • New plantings
  • Palm tree trimming (in May)
  • Gutter checks (late spring)


  • Monsoon storm clean up
  • Water management
  • Weed control

Landscape News & Articles

Westside Basin Work

Since the first monsoon storm of 2021 on July 2, members of the landscape community and residents have been working hard to rework the earth on the northwest side of the property between buildings 4271, 4273, and 4275. Some are calling this the "westside basin" since it is conceivable that this area was left open […]

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Enhancements & Discovery at Front Entrance

Members of the landscape committee worked hard on Memorial Day creating a new terrace, moving a few plants, and discovering the drip irrigation water line. The terrace (between the walk and the curb is a metal edge piece landscapers use to make divisions between lawn and rock areas. The piece of edging was a discarded […]

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Sidewalk Repaired at Building 4277

Members of the landscape committee repaired the trench drain that had corroded and created a trip hazard. These trench drains were meant to allow excess drip irrigation water and rainwater to drain away from the units. As you may notice while walking around the property there are many that have been replaced with bricks. This […]

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Sidewalk Repaired at Building 4271

On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, Complete Landscaping completed repairs on a section of sidewalk with a 1" crack that was also a trip hazard. In just a few hours the old section was removed and a new one was formed and poured with new concrete.

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Concrete Bench Moved!

On May 19, 2021, we moved the concrete bench from the south pool area to just west of building 4203. It was a beast to move (500 lbs?) but worth it! For years this bench was only used a few times a month and not being enjoyed by the community. Stop by and enjoy the […]

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Bush Removed & New Plants In Place

The old bushes at the southwest corner of building 4203 have been removed this week and will be prepared to receive new plants either this or next week.

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Front Entrance Beautification

The landscape committee acquired new plants for the eastside of the front entrance. New soil has been delivered, irrigation is available, and a collection of new plants have been planted and rocks will be added. UPDATE: On April 6, the landscape committee added a few more lantana to the westside of the front entrance.

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Old Fountain to New Planter

Members of the community in association with the landscape committee recently renovated the old fountain between buildings 4203 and 4283 just outside unit 102 to invite more butterflies & hummingbirds. With salvia and lantana (purple and yellow) we've already started to see a several hummingbirds and butterflies stop by. You'll also notice we have irrigation […]

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Replanting of Barrel Cactus & Ocotillo

Our landscape company has moved three barrel cactus and the ocotillo from the Riverwalk path entry at the north end of the property to the west side of building 4271 to fill in a vacant area.

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