Monsoon 2021

"Amazing!" "That's more like it!" and "So grateful." are a few of the expressions I have heard from residents regarding Monsoon 2021. Last summer, 2020, the rains did not arrive, and we began to experience a deepening realization of drought. So, this year's monsoon provides some temporary relief from that troubling question: do we have enough water to carry on our hoped-for "normal" existence in a desert region? 

Our summer rains, though a blessing, also work to diagnose weaknesses in our community.  There have been roofing leaks, flooded units, and evidence that heavy rain can overwhelm our drainage systems over a short period. Right now, we are assessing the problem and hopefully putting solutions in place.

Beyond talking about the phenomena of this summer, more critical questions are pressing us here and throughout the Southwest. The Colorado River, our primary source of water, is no longer filling its reservoirs. The higher temperatures predicted by climate change are now upon us: hotter days and more of them. These are not abnormal events: in many parts of the U.S., climate change is happening. There are fewer temperate places available for summer relief. (I speak from experience this summer!)

Well, what should we be doing? I expect the Board of Directors will be doing some hard thinking about strategies to meet heat and water scarcity problems. How about harvesting water into above-ground cisterns?  Should we be rethinking our grassy areas?  Are two swimming pools justified? More shade trees? Xeric gardening?  And there are more ideas out there that will begin happening all over Tucson. Which ones are good for us?  The Board of Directors welcomes the views of River Grove residents. We are, as always, all in this together.

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