Articles of Incorporation (8-page PDF) - The River Grove Condominiums Homeowners Association (HOA) was created in 1983 through the filing of the Articles of Incorporation with the Arizona Secretary of State. The Articles are brief and contain only the basic information about the association, its name, location, and purpose.

Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions also known as CC&Rs (46-page PDF) - The CC&Rs are the limits and rules placed on the River Grove Condominiums complex by the builder/developer. When living at River Grove Condominiums we are restricted by CC&Rs. Owners gives up certain freedoms in order to be part of a shared community.

Bylaws (14-page PDF) - The Bylaws contain key provisions for how the association may be managed. These rules and regulations include procedures for electing and appointing board members and officers, the protocols for the board and member meetings, terms of office, voting methods, and standards for amendments to the community’s governing documents.

Rules and Regulations (10-page PDF) - This Rules and Regulations document summarizes the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), which are the legal binding documents of the River Grove Condominiums; and the Pool Rules.

Plat Map (8-page PDF) - This document is an annotated version of the original plat map document.

Complaint Form (1-page PDF) - This is the complaint form used to address issues with the Board of Directors and Paul Ash Management Co.

Property Management Company

Paul Ash Management Co., LLC
3499 N Campbell Ave #907
Tucson, AZ 85719

Business Hours
8:00 AM—5:00 PM

Raylyn Winckler
Community Association Manager

After hours emergency

Owner Portal

If you need assistance with entering your Owner Portal please contact Paul Ash Management Company.

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