Common Elements

Below is the March 1984 text taken from Article III of the River Grove Condominiums Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) which describes the Buildings, Units, and Common Elements.

The entire Horizontal Property Regime shall consist of the Common Elements and the Units.

3.1 Buildings. There are or are planned to be 5 Buildings included in Phase I and additional Buildings in Additional PHases when and if completed. A description of the cubic content and space contained in, or planned for, each of the Buildings and its location, or planned location, on the Property, is depicted in the River Grove Condominiums Plat.

3.2 Units. There are, or planned to be, a total of 40 Units in the Buildings included in Phase I. A description of the cubic content space for each Unit and its location, or planned location, within the Buildings is provided on the River Grove Condominiums Plat.

Each Unit shall include the space enclosed and bound by the interior unfinished surfaces of the ceiling, floor, walls, and windows or any extensions thereof, including adjacent storage areas, together with any plumbing fixtures and electrical equipment which exclusively serves such Unit; provided, however, that no portion of the roof, bearing walls or other structural components of the Building in which each Unit is located, and no pipes, wires, conduits, ducts, flues, shafts, or public utility, water or sewer lines situated within such Unit and forming part of any system serving on or more other Units or the Common Elements shall be deemed to be a part of a Unit. Each Unit shall be responsible for the flue servicing it fireplace. Appurtenant to each Unit there shall be an exclusive easement over and across the portion of the Common Elements consisting of patio or balcony immediately adjacent to such Unit as shown on the River Grove Condominiums Plat for purposes of the use, occupancy, and enjoyment of such patio or balcony by each Occupant and the agents, servants, tenants, family members, and the invitees of the Owner of the Unit immediately adjacent to such patio or balcony. If any patio area shall contain a utility meter there shall exist an easement of access of the appropriate utility company and for the Owners of the Units served by such meters for service and reading of the meters. Each patio and balcony shall be maintained in a clean, neat, and orderly condition by the Owner of the Unit benefited by the easement over such patio or balcony. The use of the easement hereby granted shall be subject to such limitations, restrictions by the Board, and shall be subject to and governed by the provisions of this Declaration, the Articles, and Bylaws.

3.3 Common Elements. The Common Elements are described as including and comprising parts of each Building as described in Section 3.1 hereof, together with the description of the land provided on River Grove Condominiums Plat, less the descriptions of the Units referred to in Section 3.2 hereof. There shall exist Limited Common Element - Stairwells as defined in Section 1.11 and as shown on the River Grove Condominiums Plat.

3.4 Interest in the Common Elements. The percentage interest which each Unit bears to all phases, when and if completed, of the Horizontal Property Regime, which percentage interest shall constitute an undivided interest in the Common Elements, shall be the number one divided by 221 Units (1/221st interest). Should Additional Phases not be completed or until they are completed in accordance with phasing requirements as set forth in Article XVII herein, then the percentage interest which each Unit bears shall be the percentage determined by dividing the number one by the total number of completed Units. Should only Phase I be completed, then the percentage interest shall be the number one divided by 40 Units (1/40th interest).

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