Enhancements & Discovery at Front Entrance

Members of the landscape committee worked hard on Memorial Day creating a new terrace, moving a few plants, and discovering the drip irrigation water line.

The terrace (between the walk and the curb is a metal edge piece landscapers use to make divisions between lawn and rock areas. The piece of edging was a discarded piece from another part of the property stored behind the south pool house. It was a perfect fit and will retain irrigation water from running off.

Four plants were moved to better balance the original plant plan. One of the grasses and one of the salvia plants were switched. This is keeps the grasses all together near the curb and the salvia plants just above them. Two of the lantana were moved. One was moved to down the line of other lantana closer to Limberlost and the other moved just a few inches away for better spacing between plants.

Finally, and more importantly, the drip irrigation line has been exposed to reveal where the feeder lines are. The feeder lines are was supply drip water to each plant. Unfortunately, the drip irrigation line that services this area is full of feeder line connections. In fact, there are too many available and don't address our current needs.

You'll also notice a portion of the old bush had to be cut away to expose the drip irrigation line. Further pruning will be made as work continues on this project.

The drip irrigation line will be replaced this week by members of the landscape committee and new feeder lines will be inserted just for the number of plants needed to be watered.

In the meantime, the drip irrigation line will remain exposed for easier access to improving the water deliver system.

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